Water bar by Bees

Bees discussed water topic some time ago. Mind map about water was rich in knowledge and ideas. Children talked about the meaning and importance of water for humans and nature…

As children stated that we cannot survive without water, they got the idea of having water bar
(restaurant with different types of water in menu).

Here we play water bar with teacher Ania. Besides suplementing water into their bodies, children practiced polite behavior in the restaurant. Bees used such words as” “Can I have…?”, “Please…” or “Thank you”. They could decide which type of water they want to drink and ask for this.

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Reported by: Bees


State of Matter

After studying how important the water is in our lives and observing where we can find it, our kids wanted to discover more. So we experimented the different States of the water: Gas, Solid and Liquid.

We also worked on several terms such as evaporation and condensation, freezing and melting, sublimation and deposition.

So firstly, we observed liquid water into a bucket. We touched it and talked about where we can find it in this way in our environment. Then we put it into the freezer and in few hours we could saw solid water. Again we touched it and talked about where we can find it in this way. After that, we put it outside in the sun, so it turned again into liquid. Finally we put some water in the microwave and we could observe it was gas when one of the pupils put his misted glasses on… We laughed a lot!! hahaha!!

Free play and water discoveries by Bees

That was amazing water place for Bees discoveries! Children has visited a water area in Park 12c – an attraction in Sztolnia Królowa Luiza in Zabrze (link)

The aim of the visit here was discovering the system of pumps, water channels and locks by children, in interactive way, devoping both their knowledge and social skills.

system of pumps;  going objects round by water flow

water mills

water channels, dykes and locks

facility of moving items, rubbing

playing with water

running and “just fun”

Water is just great!

How to present water?

Children from “Zuchy” group were asked: How can we present water to others? Is this possible? The answer was fast and clear: YES. We can draw it!
Look what children did with teachers drawings on the black wall!

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They had a great fun becoming “water actors”!
Reported by: Zuchy