Water from Spain – Mindmaps

Our friend ‘WATER’ has arrived to Spain and we started working with it… First step, mindmaps in order to check what we alredy know and what else we want to know about it.

Welcome water!!!


PELKA – Little drop from Poland

Little drop Pelka fell down from clouds today, straight to “Skrzaty” (“Dwarfs”) – the youngest group in the kindergarten.

She gave children few tasks to perform. The first task was about finding Pelka`s picture.

The next step of this adventure was to copy Pelka`s shape with the use of different materials: feathers, bricks, pompoms, creative materials and even children.

Little drop Pelka became an inspiration for kids` sharing with what they already know about water… And of course the question: What we would like to know about water?

Reported by: Dwarfs

“Zuchy” are discovering the topic of water

Last days the group of 5-6 year-olds called “Zuchy” started their discovery in a topic of WATER. They made a brainstorming session about the water itself, places where we can find it and its purpose.

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That was indeed quite “stormy” brainstorming session;) In one of kids` statements it was said that our Planet Earth consists of lots of water, that is why  Earth is seen in green and brown colours from Space.

The first thing children wanted to do within this water project (which is the FIRST eTwinning project in this group) was… Planet Earth! Children used salt, flour and water (exactly the same amount of each substance), added some food pigments, made a paste of that and painted a paper shape of Earth. Then, they put their work into microwave to get… amazing shapes and texture.

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Reported by: Zuchy