Snow-Water experiment

The weather in Iceland is very changeable, it can be sunny and warm and just minutes later it can be snowing.

The children in Lundur (3-4 years old) noticed that it was snowing outside and everything was white and still. That same day it started to rain and all the snow was gone after lunch. It cought their attention so we wanted to research that further.

Of course there were snow again the next day so we went out and put snow in two jars

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The water in Iceland

The children in Lundur (3-4 years old) were talking about the water and where it comes from. We made mindmap together. The children said that we needed water so we do not get thirsty. The water comes from a well, from the ocean, from fire, from big water tank and from the sink.

The children went on a field trip to see if we could find any water.

Now we need to find out where the water comes from…