Our world is full of water

Did you know that 3 parts out of 4 in our world is water? That is what we discovered with a beautiful tale about The Earth.

Five continents surrounded by water … Where can we find it? What is important for? How can we use it? We tried to answer these questions and we also talked about the water cycle…

Finally we made this art… Isn´t it nice? Enjoy it!


Where is the water?

Homework task in the kindergarten? No worries, “Dwarfs” like discovering the world with their parents at home!

Children were asked to find the picture of water in the books, internet, newspapers, etc. with the help of their parents, at home. Parents have sent us pictures of kids discoveries…

If only it was possible – children printed the picture out or cut it, and bring to the kindergarten. In the small groups “Dwarfs” talked about places where the water is.

Reported by: Dwarfs