State of Matter

After studying how important the water is in our lives and observing where we can find it, our kids wanted to discover more. So we experimented the different States of the water: Gas, Solid and Liquid.

We also worked on several terms such as evaporation and condensation, freezing and melting, sublimation and deposition.

So firstly, we observed liquid water into a bucket. We touched it and talked about where we can find it in this way in our environment. Then we put it into the freezer and in few hours we could saw solid water. Again we touched it and talked about where we can find it in this way. After that, we put it outside in the sun, so it turned again into liquid. Finally we put some water in the microwave and we could observe it was gas when one of the pupils put his misted glasses on… We laughed a lot!! hahaha!!


Our world is full of water

Did you know that 3 parts out of 4 in our world is water? That is what we discovered with a beautiful tale about The Earth.

Five continents surrounded by water … Where can we find it? What is important for? How can we use it? We tried to answer these questions and we also talked about the water cycle…

Finally we made this art… Isn´t it nice? Enjoy it!

Visit to the fire station


The children in Laut (2-3 years old).

We went on a field trip where we found a fire hydrant and we wondered what it was used for and who could use it. Following that trip we went to a visit to the fire station. There we got the answers that everyone can use the fire hydrant, but to do so we need a special key to open it. We also got to know where the water is coming from. It comes from the borehole.

We also saw a fire truck that is always full of water and was also used when the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull took place.

If there is a fire, the emergency line (112) will tell the fire department. There are no longer bells in the firedepartment.

Children:  There is a bell inn the nursery.

Children:  How does the bell turn on in the nursery?

Fireman: The smoke detector turns on the bell if there is a smoke/fire.


Little stream, where is your home?

Little stream runs in neighbourhood and we go there often and throw leaves, stones and sticks in admire it. When we started to talk about water we decided that we want to know more about this stream.

First we learnt a song about little stream and it goes like this:

Little stream stop for a while, look around 

and tell me where is your home.

My home is under the mountain,

where birds sing happily.

And why are you so restless,

running from home and birds?

I’ll come back,

when the rain will soak the earth.

We liked a song very much and we decided that we would really like to know where is the home of our little stream. We went for a walk and we were walking by the stream and we were observing very carefully. We were counting bridges, looking for plants and animals… Sometimes we lost it and we have to listen very carefully that we could follow its way. And you know who was with us? Our little drop Pika.

We found the water reservoir and we learnt that from that reservoir we get water through pipes to our homes, preschool that we can wash ourselves, drink it…

Finally we found the home of our little stream.IMG_2143


Free play and water discoveries by Bees

That was amazing water place for Bees discoveries! Children has visited a water area in Park 12c – an attraction in Sztolnia Królowa Luiza in Zabrze (link)

The aim of the visit here was discovering the system of pumps, water channels and locks by children, in interactive way, devoping both their knowledge and social skills.

system of pumps;  going objects round by water flow

water mills

water channels, dykes and locks

facility of moving items, rubbing

playing with water

running and “just fun”

Water is just great!

Tinka’s umbrella

Group Turtles with Mojca and Gregor


At the beggining of the school year we read a story Angelca Marelca. We learned how the raindrop is travelling from the clouds in the sky, to rivers, sea, plants and back  to the clouds. Through reading and telling the story we have created raindrops, huge and tinny small raindrops, fog and exploring the water and it’s properties and posibilities.

In the game with ice and water we included the use of knives, hammers and saw. We learned how the water looks like in different forms. We used all of our senses, we learned that the water doesn’t have a taste, colour and smell. It can be very cold, or very hot.

We visited the riverside  and we observed, listened, touched and tasted the water from the river.

The time at the river was well spend also for games. The children were throwing rocks in the river and making tall towers.

We found music story, which we learned to perform in front of children’s parents. The song is called Tinkin dežnik (Tinka’s umbrella). It is about a little girl, who wished only for a cute umbrella. But then it didn’t want to rain, so the umbrella teached her this song, which is magic and it calles for rain.

We continue to  explore our river Tržiška Bistrica in this spring.



Picture1: exploring the ice


Picture2: making raindrops


Picture 3: at the riverside


Picture 4: music story


Picture 5: the water circle


Water – let`s find it!

The Dwarfs received next task from Pelka the Drop. They had to find water in the kindergarten and its` surroundings.

The youngest preschoolers found water in the bathroom and in the hall very fast.


Unfortunately, when children went outside they realized that it isn’t so easy. The weather was sunny and there wasn’t any puddle in the nearby. The Dwarfs were looking for it everywhere (even in the shop!) and finally they found it!


It emerged that the water was hiding in the drains, in the watering can, bottles, in the sandpit and in the pot.

Hurray! Let`s go further next time!

Reported by: Dwarfs

Where is the water?

Homework task in the kindergarten? No worries, “Dwarfs” like discovering the world with their parents at home!

Children were asked to find the picture of water in the books, internet, newspapers, etc. with the help of their parents, at home. Parents have sent us pictures of kids discoveries…

If only it was possible – children printed the picture out or cut it, and bring to the kindergarten. In the small groups “Dwarfs” talked about places where the water is.

Reported by: Dwarfs

PELKA – Little drop from Poland

Little drop Pelka fell down from clouds today, straight to “Skrzaty” (“Dwarfs”) – the youngest group in the kindergarten.

She gave children few tasks to perform. The first task was about finding Pelka`s picture.

The next step of this adventure was to copy Pelka`s shape with the use of different materials: feathers, bricks, pompoms, creative materials and even children.

Little drop Pelka became an inspiration for kids` sharing with what they already know about water… And of course the question: What we would like to know about water?

Reported by: Dwarfs