Down by the river

By group Želve


We have been learning where river starts, where is it’s path and where it

We learned what the river offers us.

We can play by the river.


We explored the life in the river. We also use the river for breeding trouts.

We have traditional events, where we “throw the light in the water”. In the evening of the Gregor’s day, we put little wooden houses in the water, with a candle in it, under this bridge.

We searched for several bridges, small and big across the river. We have many bridges.

Water was very important for industry and history. We had blacksmiths, shoe makers, sawmills and other tradespeople who needed water for their work.

Here is where it use to be a watermill.



Tinka’s umbrella

Group Turtles with Mojca and Gregor


At the beggining of the school year we read a story Angelca Marelca. We learned how the raindrop is travelling from the clouds in the sky, to rivers, sea, plants and back  to the clouds. Through reading and telling the story we have created raindrops, huge and tinny small raindrops, fog and exploring the water and it’s properties and posibilities.

In the game with ice and water we included the use of knives, hammers and saw. We learned how the water looks like in different forms. We used all of our senses, we learned that the water doesn’t have a taste, colour and smell. It can be very cold, or very hot.

We visited the riverside  and we observed, listened, touched and tasted the water from the river.

The time at the river was well spend also for games. The children were throwing rocks in the river and making tall towers.

We found music story, which we learned to perform in front of children’s parents. The song is called Tinkin dežnik (Tinka’s umbrella). It is about a little girl, who wished only for a cute umbrella. But then it didn’t want to rain, so the umbrella teached her this song, which is magic and it calles for rain.

We continue to  explore our river Tržiška Bistrica in this spring.



Picture1: exploring the ice


Picture2: making raindrops


Picture 3: at the riverside


Picture 4: music story


Picture 5: the water circle