‘Thermal Waters’ Research in Arnedillo

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We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful environment, in which we have the opportunity of bathing in hot springs every day of the year.

But the students do not know the origin and the explanation of this natural phenomenon. Therefore, in the subject of Nature Sciences, the older students have done a small process of research on this fact.

Using different sources of information on the Internet, as well as interviewing some residents of our village, the conclusions drawn are:

– There is a false myth about the origin of the hot springs, believing that its origin is due to a volcano.

– But the real origin of the thermal waters comes from the existence of a geological fault, that due to the movements of earth happened during the Jurassic period and the displacement of limestone rocks,  it allows the water to warm up and we can enjoy it at about 50 °C.

The students have developed different Word documents, in which they have collected all the extracted information.

After doing this work, all the students from Arnedillo went to the edge of the pools, where the 5th Year children could explain to the rest of their classmates (the smaller ones) the reason why we have thermal waters in Arnedillo.

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